The Bereavement Support group

The Hospice Bereavement Support Group started in 2013. It focuses particularly on adults who have lost a loved one. The sessions are co-ordinated and led by Marinda Olckers, Nelspruit Hospice’s Nursing Services Manager; Winnie Stiglingh, a Social Worker qualified in Counselling and Annriette Slabber, Director of Life-Line, Nelspruit The sessions take place once a week, over a period of 8 weeks. This free service, which is focused on helping individuals cope is usually in a group setting in a two-hour session. Aspects dealt with include:

  • Recognising the phases of grief they are experiencing,
  • Helping them with coping skills,
  • To face the reality of life and death,
  • To start living a new life… and much, much

We have had wonderful success and feedback from individuals who have completed the program. All information concerning individuals and information shared is of course strictly confidential.

Anyone who is interested may contact the Hospice office, and the receptionist will put your name and contact number down on a list. She will then invite you to the very next Bereavement Support Group.