We would like to introduce our HOSPICE MASCOT – the special and beloved Felix (House and Office-cat Extraordinaire), who kept us warm, truly comforted and who gave us the company we needed when we felt a little lost and alone. His incredible capacity for love and comfort really was an example of how much we care and how much we want to share that love and comfort with our patients and their family members alike. so everyone meet our Mascot Felix!

The Real Felix

He boldly and with great attitude walked into our lives/office, in May 2015. He soon became a big part of our daily life at the office and made an enormous impression on all who met him. His uncanny knack of knowing just when to jump onto your lap, or purr or wrap himself around your legs, or even to ignore you – made him almost human. During “office hours” he had his favourite chair and once the office was closed and locked for the night, he nonchalantly got up and strolled out the office to his next chair or bed in the cottage on the Hospice property. where he lived with our Secretary, Elmarie

Felix had a mind and independent nature entirely of his own, which endeared him to everyone who met him. Sadly Mr Felix became ill at the beginning of November 2017 when test results revealed he was suffering from Feline Leukaemia-and shortly after being diagnosed he crossed the Rainbow Bridge leaving many hearts sore at his loss.  He is greatly missed by all who knew him but his memory and legend lives on in the very clever “Caricature” (produced by Andre O’Kelly)

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