We offer professional nursing and caregiving services, daycare programmes and equipment rentals.


  • Services to the public: all care is administered by a professional nurse in the comfort of your own home, or where you are, such as a frail care center.
  • Professional Nurses (PN) will assess the condition and needs of the patient and develop an individual nursing care plan for the patient.
  • Patient’s needs, such as pain and symptom control, will be addressed in consultation with the patient’s doctor, according to their prescription.
  • If a patient has any wounds, wound care will be performed. If needed, wound care specialist nurses will be consulted with the permission of the patient/family.
  • At times, the patient’s doctor will request the PN to collect blood and other specimens needed to be tested at laboratories. This prevents the patient from having contact with diseases, such as COVID-19.
  • Equipment that could improve the patient’s comfort will be made available. A refundable deposit is charged; 10% handling fee is retained to service and disinfect equipment. No patient will be denied access to equipment should they be unable to pay.
  • If needed and consented to by the patient/family, a social worker specialised in counseling will be involved to address the concerns and goals of care.
  • A once-off assessment fee is charged and thereafter services are rendered free of charge. If the patient/family cannot afford the fee, a donation is acceptable. No patient will be refused care if they are not able to pay.
  • Nelspruit Hospice will submit claims for interventions performed to those medical aids who cover home-based and palliative care.
  • Nelspruit Hospice does not employ caregivers but have a list of known caregivers who rendered caring services to previous patients. We will link a caregiver to a patient when requested, who will make their own arrangements of payments of the caregiver. Nelspruit Hospice PNs will guide, assess and mentor the caregiver to render care according to the nursing care plan.
  • Wellness Days are held once a month in the garden of Nelspruit Hospice House. Patients, families, caregivers are welcome to attend. Not a patient or a family member, but struggling to cope with previous losses? Why don’t you join us for tea and snacks and a circle of friends who support each other.
  • Bereavement Support Group: Lost a loved one? Having difficulty to coping with the loss? Please join our bereavement support group of six sessions where trained social work counselors guide you through a structured approach to deal with loss and bereavement. A donation of R400 is charged, but not being able to donate does not exclude you from the program.


Equipment rental is based on availability.

  • Bath chairs
  • Bedpans and urinals
  • Commodes
  • Convoluted mattress
  • Electrical Hospital beds with cot sides
  • Hydraulic Hospital beds with cot sides
  • Oxygenators
  • Walking Frames
  • Wheelchair
  • Other on request


Nelspruit Hospice is part of a network of organisations who offer professional services and support to our patients and their families.

Email: admin@nelspruithospice.co.za