We offer professional nursing and caregiving services, daycare programmes and equipment rentals.


  • Professional Nurses (PN) will assess the condition and needs of the patient and perform medical procedures such as pain management, dressings advice on how to care for the patient and will liaise with the doctor.
  • Caregivers are available to assist the PN and to carry out basic nursing care. The caregiver is a trained volunteer.
  • A Companion can be assigned to patients and families. The companion will provide emotional, social and spiritual support to the patient and family members. The companion can run errands, stays with the patient while family members go out for a short time, read to the patient and inform the PN of any changes in the situation. The companion is a trained volunteer. The companion does not undertake medical procedures.
  • Services to the public: all care is administered by a professional nurse in the comfort of your own home. Tariffs are charged according to SANC regulations, in a 30km radius around Nelspruit. We do blood pressure, glucose testing, wound care, catheterisation, enemas, stomach therapy and general care.
  • Bereavement Support Group: Lost a loved one? Having difficulty to coping with the loss, join our bereavement support group at no cost.
  • Patient Day Care Programme


Equipment rental is based on availability.

  • Bath chairs
  • Bedpans and urinals
  • Commodes
  • Convoluted mattress
  • Electrical Hospital beds with cot sides
  • Hydraulic Hospital beds with cot sides
  • Oxygenators
  • Walking Frames
  • Wheelchair
  • Other on request


Nelspruit Hospice is part of a network of organization’s which offers professional services and support to our patients and their families.